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Possibility of evacuation routes improvement in densely built-up area in Naha

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  • 那覇市の密集市街地における避難路の改善可能性の検討


<p>Densely built-up areas in Okinawa have problems of evacuation routes because of narrow alleys network in blocks. This study aims to examine the possibility to improve evacuation routes in densely built-up area in Naha city. Examined measures for improvement are "agreement of evacuation in emergency", "open space for evacuation" and "rebuilding with evacuation space". Indexes to assess evacuation routes are "width of routes", "existence of wooden building along routes" and "two way evacuation routes". Simulation shows improvements of "width of routes" and "existence of wooden building" are little and "two way evacuation routes" are improved by the measures. Potential of improvement by "agreement of evacuation in emergency" is relatively higher than other two measures and it is effective to combine three measures.</p>



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