The Project for Reconstitution of Hellenistic Infrastructure suggested by the master plan of Damascus in 1968

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  • ダマスクス1968年計画におけるヘレニズム基盤の再構築事業

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<p>Based on “evolutionary planning theory” as new facts by previous research, this paper examines the policy for the old city of Damascus in 1968 from the viewpoint of not only transportation policy but also their “Reconstitution of the Ancient City”. Firstly, it is shown that the criticism by UNESCO is limited to criticism of transportation planning. In chapter 2, the description related to the "ancient city" in the 1968 plan is extracted. Chapter 3 outlines space transformation and stratification in the Islamic era. Based on these facts, Chapter 4 will examine the actuality of the street cutting and widening called Dégagement from the text and the plans of the 1968 plan. In Chapter 5, some part of the “Reconstitution of the Ancient City” project has progressed, and the current situation is complementarily reviewed. In conclusion, we examine the whole picture of Hellenistic-based restructuring project and clarify future project prospects.</p>



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