Questionnaire Survey on Speech/Communication Activities and School Life of Elementary School Children Who Stutter

  • Kobayashi Hiroaki
    School of Teacher Education, College of Human and Social Sciences, Kanazawa University
  • Miyamoto Shoko
    Division of Disability Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba

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  • 吃音のある小学生の発話・コミュニケーション活動と小学校生活への参加の質問紙調査

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<p>A questionnaire survey based on ICF was conducted concerning speech/communication activities and school life. The participants were 73 elementary school students who stutter. The questionnaire consisted of 50 questions about speech/communication activities, elementary school class life, class activities, school activities, and communication with teachers and classmates. The children were required to choose from a scale of five levels, "good" to "poor," how they evaluate their ability to deal with the point in question. The results indicated the following. (1) The items for which participants gave relatively negative responses were classes, class activities, and school activities. These items include situations requiring the students to talk in front of many people or to make complex and long utterances. However, for all items questioned, students who answered positively ("good") outnumbered those who answered negatively ("poor"). (2) There were moderate correlations between psychological problems associated with stuttering and some items related to class activities and school activities, but there was no item with a moderate or high correlation with stuttering speech symptoms. (3) There was a moderate correlation between speech/communication activities and school life.</p>



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