EEG changes by odors of preferable drinks : the effects of coffee and whisky odors on α-wave

  • MATSUO Yuko
    Deparment of Physiology, Kanagawa Prefecture College of Nursing and Medical Technology

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  • 嗜好飲料の香りによる脳波の変化 : コーヒーおよびウイスキーの香りがα波におよぼす影響
  • シコウインリョウ ノ カオリ ニ ヨル ノウハ ノ ヘンカ コーヒー オヨビ ウイスキー ノ カオリ ガ アルファハ ニ オヨボス エイキョウ

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To investigate the factors involved in changes in EEG induced by odor, twenty one subjects were studied using coffee and whisky odors. The subjects were grouped by their like and dislike of the oder (like ; L, dislike ; DL) and their consumption habits of that drink (consumer ; C, non-consumer ; NC), and their EEG were recorded at Fz, C_3,C_4 and Pz. The α-power and α-coherence of each group were analyzed using fast Fourier transformation and tested using Wilcoxon-signed rank test. With coffee odor, a decrease of α_2-power in DL-NC group but an increase of α_1 power at all locations in DL-C group were observed. The increase of α_1-power DL-C group (consumers who disliked that particular test odor) may suggest that their brain accepted the sample odor as a kind of coffee which they take habitually and they were relaxed by the odor, even though it was not their favorite coffee. α_2-Coherence between C_3 and C_4 in DL-NC group showed a different transition ; incresed with coffee odor, decreased with whisky odor. These results suggest that each odor may have individual effects on α-coherence.



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