Interactive Evolutionary Computation System Using Multiple Users’ Gaze Information

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  • 複数ユーザの視線情報を用いた対話型進化計算システム


<p>We propose an interactive evolutionary computation(IEC)system using gaze information from multiple users. IEC is an optimization method that can reflect human sensibility in the generation of solution candidates. IEC studies have been applied to a wide range of fields. However, the drawback of IEC is that the user evaluation load is large. To solve this problem, we propose using the user’s gaze information in the IEC evaluation. The proposed system acquires gaze information when a user is viewing a solution candidate. From this gaze information, the system assigns evaluation values to the solution candidate. Then it is unnecessary for the user to give an evaluation of the solution candidate. Therefore, the proposed system effectively reduces the user’s evaluation load. In addition, it is possible to obtain multiple gaze information at the same time. Therefore, in the proposed method, it is possible to simultaneously reflect the sensitivity of multiple users to the IEC solution candidate evaluation. We developed a female clothes coordination generation system using the proposed method and verified the evolution performance of the solution candidate via the proposed method and the effect on the users’ evaluation loads. The proposed system was able to generate satisfactory solution candidates to some extent without feeling heavy evaluation loads. Therefore, we confirmed the effectiveness of the proposed method. In addition, we confirmed the differences in reactions between men and women during the experiment, as well as the differences in the appearance rate of clothing coordination. As a result, we confirmed the difference in the evaluation method for clothes coordination in men and women.</p>



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