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Development of Educational Magnetic Levitation System with a Hall element Displacement Sensor: Construction of Current Sensorless Voltage Driven Control System Using Kalman Filter

  • Asato Kentaro
    Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College
  • Nagado Tsutomu
    Faculity of Engineering, University of the Ryukyus

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  • ホール素子変位センサを利用した教育用磁気浮上システムの開発:カルマンフィルタによる電流センサレス電圧駆動制御システムの構築
  • ホール ソシ ヘンイ センサ オ リヨウ シタ キョウイクヨウ ジキ フジョウ システム ノ カイハツ : カルマンフィルタ ニ ヨル デンリュウ センサレス デンアツ クドウ セイギョ システム ノ コウチク

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<p>In this study, we developed a current sensorless voltage driven magnetic levitation system with a Hall element displacement sensor using Kalman filter. The system costs less and has higher portability than the current driven system developed in a previous study, and is utilized effectively for model-based development education. However, the use of the displacement sensor for a voltage driven magnetic levitation system causes two problems, namely compensation for measurement error and correction of Hall element output voltages in the sensor. Therefore, we have proposed compensation and correction methods using Kalman filter. To verify the validity of the proposed methods, a magnetic levitation control experiment with the developed system was conducted.</p>



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