Rotational Motion of Reentry Capsule induced in Subsonic Flow

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  • 亜音速流中で誘起される再突入カプセルの回転運動


<p>This paper describes the dynamic motion of a capsule model which is supported by the newly designed 3DOF free rotational apparatus in a wind tunnel. It allows a model to rotate about three axes, thanks to the gimbal mechanism. A lifting capsule is chosen to apply this test technique in several Mach numbers, of which center of gravity locates away from its symmetry axis. Especially in the flow of Mach 0.3, the peculiar roll motion is observed. Flow visualization is applied to understand the flow mechanism, using a combined technique of schlieren and tufts. The attached flow over the back surface is recognized. The pressure measurement shows the asymmetric pressure distribution on the back surface of the capsule, which is considered to induce the peculiar rolling motion.</p>



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