The Relationship between the Career Decision-Making Self Efficacy of University Students and Learning: The Mediating Effect of Social Skills

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  • 大学生の進路選択自己効力感と学習との関連―社会的スキルの媒介効果に着目して―
  • ダイガクセイ ノ シンロ センタク ジコ コウリョクカン ト ガクシュウ ト ノ カンレン : シャカイテキ スキル ノ バイカイ コウカ ニ チャクモク シテ

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<p>We examined the relationships between Motivation for Learning (ML), Proactive Learning (PL), and Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy (CDMSE) among undergraduates, focusing on the mediating effect of their Social Skills (SS).</p><p>We conducted a questionnaire survey of students in the humanities faculty of four private universities in western Japan. A total of 494 students participated. Three findings became clear about the relationships between ML, PL, SS, and CDMSE as a result of our study.</p><p>1) There is a positive relationship between ML, PL, and CDMSE.</p><p>2) There is a positive relationship between ML, PL, and SS.</p><p>3) SS has a mediating effect on ML, PL, and CDMSE.</p><p>These findings support the explanation of the effects of ML and PL on CDMSE, including the mediating effect of SS. In particular, the results of our experiment clearly show that the roles of ML, PL, and SS in Career Development research for undergraduates should be examined.</p>


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