Development of a Collapse Analysis Code of Buildings and Its Applications

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  • 建築物の崩壊解析手法の開発とその適用例


<p>A finite element code to analyze large-scale collapse behaviors of buildings was developed. It was achieved with a use of an ASI (Adaptively Shifted Integration)-Gauss technique, which dramatically reduces computational cost when solving large-scale problems. One of the applications of the code was a fire-induced collapse analysis of a high-rise tower, which was carried out for an investigation seeking for the true cause of the total collapse of New York World Trade Center (WTC) towers collapsed in 2001. A seismic pounding analysis of the Nuevo Leon buildings, in which two out of the three collapsed completely in the 1985 Mexican earthquake, showed that the difference of natural periods between the north and the center buildings may have triggered the collision, followed by the collapse. Other applications are also shown in the presentation.</p>


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