Investigation of ball holding ability of soccer using GPS

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  • GPS を利用したボール保持能力の検討


<p>In this research, we focused on the part of the players' ability to exercise their ability by using GPS, depending on the skill level of attacking players. In previous research using GPS, it is often used as a physical aspect that it is important that the numerical values such as the distance traveled and the number of high-speed sprints are high. In order to judge the skill level of individuals. There are no papers using. If we can judge the part there using GPS, we think that we can show new suggestions on the use of GPS. Training of 6 vs 3 ball pitches was conducted with the top team players as the top team and the 4th team player as the lower group of the university. Student 's football team belonging to the Kanto University football league. (15 m x 15 m) 2 min x 5 combinations of combinations of offensive side and defensive side with upper group x upper group, lower group x lower group, upper group x lower group, lower group x higher group. The phase was divided every 15 seconds, GPS values were analyzed, and RPE was measured every 1 minute as heart rate and psychological fatigue degree as physiological fatigue degree. It was found that the numerical values of the GPS of the lower group at the time of attack were significantly lower than those of the other groups, and the upper group had elements that did not increase the speed and strength of the partner compared to the lower group. Although it is definitely a fact that it is better that the physical numerical value is higher, it is thought that the sports such as football is a sport where relative importance is more important. In other words, in football, it is seen that when you jump in vigorously, it is used to take advantage of that power and you are reversed, and if that situation continues, you will not be able to approach the opponent with the momentum. It is inferred that the high level players are equipped with this part, which creates a situation that "I want to go but can not go" by cutting off opponent's momentum, that is, not to show the opponent's ability.</p>



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