Study of the Emotional Intelligence of Psychiatric Nurses

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  • 精神科看護職の情動知能に関する研究

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<p>The purpose of this study is to explore the factors affecting emotional intelligence of psychiatric nurses. From 2013 to 2014, the EI of 431 nurses at seven psychiatric hospitals was measured using the Japanese version of the Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale (JWLEIS). EI significantly differed between age groups and was found to increase with age. In particular, JWLEIS total (p=0.001), Self-emotional appraisal (p=0.003), and Others’ emotional appraisal (p=0.042) scores were significantly higher as age increased. In addition, a significant positive correlation was observed between the age and EI. The results of this study showed that : 1) EI increased with age, 2) EI was not significantly different with clinical experience in nursing, and 3) EI cannot be developed and improved by clinical experience alone.</p>


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