Clarification of psychosocial factors required for continuance of life of elderly men living alone in heavy snowfall and underpopulated areas

  • Fujikawa Kimie
    Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nihon Institute of Medical Science, Japan
  • Tanaka Yasuo
    Department of Comprehensive Welfare, Faculty of Comprehensive Welfare, Urawa University, Japan

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<p>Purpose: The aim of this study was to clarify psychosocial factors supporting elderly men who were living alone in a heavy snowfall area where the population aging rate exceeded 40%.</p><p>Methods: The authors conducted semi-structured interviews with six elderly men living alone. As the method of analysis, we conducted a hierarchical cluster analysis of the contents of the interviews via text mining.</p><p>Results: As a result, we found the psychosocial factors supporting the elderly men living alone. We divided the factors into six categories: “well-planned roof snow removal”, “interaction with young people”, “realization of the meaning of life via driving”, “engagement in leisure and recreational activities”, “living a life aligned with personal preference” and “insistence on living alone”.</p><p>Conclusion: Formal and informal networking that avoids debasing these psychosocial factors required for the continuance of living life alone is necessary.</p>


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