The general self-efficacy scale (GSES) : Scale development and validation

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  • 一般性セルフ・エフィカシー尺度作成の試み(原著論文)


The purpose of this study was to develop and validate an instrument to measure the individual's strength of general self-efficacy across a variety of settings in everyday life. After the selection of items which state the high level of perceived self-efficacy and their factor analysis with subjects of 278 male and female college students, scale development resulted in a 16-item General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSES). Psychometric evaluation by test-retest method, odd-even method, parallel test method, and so forth suggested that the GSES is internally consistent and has well enough high reliability and validity. The comparative study between depressive patients and normal subjects who showed high and moderate level of perceived self-efficacy revealed that the depressive patients yielded significantly low GSES score than the normal subjects. It was suggested that the GSES has considerably high discriminant validity and enough potential for the clinical and research application.


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