Off-axis compressive creep recovery behavior of unidirectional CFRTP composites and its history dependence

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  • 一方向CFRTPの非主軸圧縮クリープ回復挙動とその負荷履歴依存性


<p>Off-axis compressive creep recovery behavior of a unidirectional thermoplastic carbon/polyamide composite has been examined under different load histories. Creep recovery tests after loading up to a certain level of stress are performed on off-axis specimens of different fiber orientations. Creep recovery after prior creep is also examined. Maximum stress levels of prior off-axis loading are determined in such a way that they are associated with an equal effective stress based on the Sun-Chen one-parameter plasticity model. The creep recovery tests showed that recovery strain tends to increase with increasing total strain due to prior loading. In case prior creep deformation involved, the subsequent recovery strain and non-recovery strain turn to be larger than those without prior creep history. It is suggested that off-axis creep deformation of UD CFRTP contains recoverable and non-recoverable strain components.</p>



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