Probabilistic CLD (constant life diagram) approach for prediction of P-S-N curves for stampable short carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide composites

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  • スタンパブル短繊維強化ナイロン複合材料の確率等寿命線図とP-S-N関係の予測


<p>The statistical distributions of fatigue life data of stampable CF/PA composite at different stress ratios are identified, and a procedure for predicting the S-N relationships for any stress ratios that consider the influence of probability of failure P is proposed. Constant amplitude fatigue tests are first performed at different stress ratios R = 0.1, 10, χ (≡ σUCSUTS), respectively. To identify the statistical nature of fatigue life, a lognormal distribution and a Weibull distribution are applied to the fatigue data obtained, respectively. The anisomorphic constant fatigue life (CFL) diagrams for different probabilities of failure (P = 10%, 50% and 90%) are constructed using the P-S-N curves for the critical stress ratio. It is shown that the P-S-N curves for different stress ratios can successfully be predicted using the probabilistic methodology proposed in this study.</p>



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