Object Selection Methods for Expanding the Reachable Area of the Mirror Interface

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  • ミラーインタフェースにおける操作可能範囲の拡大を目指したオブジェクト選択手法
  • ミラーインタフェース ニ オケル ソウサ カノウ ハンイ ノ カクダイ オ メザシタ オブジェクト センタク シュホウ

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<p>The typical input for the mirror interface is the user's life-sized video stream. Because of this, the reachable area depends on the user's arm length and users sometimes have to intentionally move forward to select objects. In order to avoid such movement, we propose two new methods for selecting the target object with the mirror interface. The first is a pointing stick method which uses a virtual pointing stick that functions in a similar manner to a physical pointing stick.The second is a dragging method which allows users to drag targets towards the user's palm. The experimental results indicate that both of new methods are able to expand the reachable area compared to the traditional method, so that users do not have to move to select objects. Furthermore, it is also found that the combinatorial input of the traditional method and the pointing stick method is suitable for the mirror interface. </p>



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