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Study on continuous pH changes of calcium hydroxide paste

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  • 水酸化カルシウムペーストのpHの経時的変化に関する基礎的研究

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<p>Abstract : The objects of this study were to examine the pH change of calcium hydroxide paste mixed with ten kinds of solution in vitro and vivo, and the stability of calcium hydroxide powder exposed in air. As the solution mixed with calcium hydroxide powder, sterilized water, physiological saline, weak acid water, strong acid water, alkali water, propylene glycol, 2% lidocaine, glycerin, 70% alcohol and 100% alcohol were used. The measurement of the pH change of calcium hydroxide paste was carried out by the pH meter (Horiba Co., type D-12, Japan and Unique Medical Co., type FL-7D, U. S. A.). The duration of the measurement time was 3 days to 2 months. As a result, the pH of the calcium hydroxide paste mixed with 10 kinds of solution showed almost constant values in the two cases exposed the calcium hydroxide powder in air or not during about two months. In clinic, the pH in root canals did not change also during about two weeks.</p>


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