Effects of Voluntary Control of Respiration upon the Exogenous and Endogenous Attention

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  • 随意的呼吸調整が外発的注意および内発的注意に及ぼす効果
  • ズイイテキ コキュウ チョウセイ ガ ガイハツテキ チュウイ オヨビ ナイハツテキ チュウイ ニ オヨボス コウカ

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<p>In order to examine how the voluntary inspiration–expiration circle affect the effects of visual attention on target detection task, we conducted two experiment in which observers attended to the target location or non target location in terms of the cost–benefit method (Posner, 1980). In the experiments, observers performed target detection task during or after inspiration, or expiration. In the first experiment, a visual cue was presented to attract endogenous visual attention, or exogenous visual attention, while in the second experiment, visual cues were presented to attract both endogenous and exogenous attention. We found advantages of inspiration with the exogenous attention task, but advantages of expiration with the endogenous attention task. We discussed the implications of these results for appropriate respiratory control in the competitive sports.</p>



    VISION 31 (3), 87-100, 2019-07-20

    The Vision Society of Japan

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