Development and validation of a new self-control training method

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  • セルフコントロールのトレーニング法の開発とその効果検証
  • セルフコントロール ノ トレーニングホウ ノ カイハツ ト ソノ コウカ ケンショウ

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<p>A new training method was developed to investigate whether self-control could be improved through training. One hundred and twenty-four participants were randomly assigned to one of four conditions: refraining from using their smartphones, acting five minutes ahead of schedule, squeezing handgrips, or keeping a diary (the control condition). Self-control capacity was assessed using the stop signal paradigm before and after the training period (duration: 13 days). The participants who practiced self-control by acting five minutes ahead of schedule exhibited significant improvements in stop signal performance. These results indicate that self-control can be improved via the repeated inhibition of automatic responses.</p>


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