Review of the State of International Entrepreneurship Education Research

  • MAKINO Emi
    School of Management Tokyo University of Science

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  • 海外における起業家教育の先行研究レビュー
  • カイガイ ニ オケル キギョウカ キョウイク ノ センコウ ケンキュウ レビュー

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<p>Research on entrepreneurship education has been increasingly rapidly over the past two decades. This reflects both the growing recognition that entrepreneurship drives innovation and economic growth, and the anticipation that education is effective in nurturing entrepreneurship. Although the body of literature on educating entrepreneurs is expanding, the lack of rigorous studies has been a consistent source of concern. Academic scholarship clearly has not kept up with practice. This review summarizes the outcomes of major literature reviews and meta-analysis in international peer-reviewed journals to clarify what is currently known and not known, as well as the gaps to be filled.</p>


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