Research on Teacher’s Support Leading to Enrichment of Number Sense in Early Childhood:

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  • 幼児期の豊かな数感覚につながる経験と保育者の援助を考える
  • 幼児期の豊かな数感覚につながる経験と保育者の援助を考える : 5歳児の概念的サビタイジングの実態分析を通して
  • ヨウジキ ノ ユタカ ナ スウ カンカク ニ ツナガル ケイケン ト ホイクシャ ノ エンジョ オ カンガエル : 5サイジ ノ ガイネンテキ サビタイジング ノ ジッタイ ブンセキ オ トオシテ
  • Focusing on Conceptual Subitizing in 5-year-olds
  • ―5歳児の概念的サビタイジングの実態分析を通して―

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<p>This study focused on conceptual subitizing, a cognitive process involving the rapid recognition of a number of objects by seeing the number pattern as individual parts and as a whole. This process is important to help children in early childhood cultivate their number sense through various experiences and learn mathematics after graduation. However, details about conceptual subitizing have not been fully clarified. In this study, we analyzed conceptual subitizing in 5-year-olds by focusing on their reaction time. We confirmed that the ability to promptly perceive a small number of dots (1–3) was the basis of conceptual subitizing, and that this process was affected by the actual number of dots as well as by their combination. Conceptual subitizing can be enhanced through experiences in play, so we need to consider how teachers can improve children’s experiences and thus improve number sense.</p>


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