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Environmental and Economic Evaluation of the Introduction of CO<sub>2</sub> Reduction Surcharge and Storage Battery Considering the Energy Chain


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  • CO<sub>2</sub>削減賦課金と蓄電池導入効果のエネルギーチェーンによる経済性・環境性評価


This paper proposes a CO2 reduction surcharge which is charged proportional to customers’ CO2 emission, instead of FIT surcharge proportional to the grid power consumption. When this new surcharge is slightly over 10,000yen/ton-CO2, the operating unit cost of coal fired plants is over that of LNGCC plants, and the capacity factor decreases as well as CO2 emission. Authors simulated a power system in 2030 where a large amount of PV is implemented and the 18% of PV generated energy must be curtailed. The annual cost is minimized by optimizing LNGCC and battery energy storage systems (BESSs) capacity, hourly output of coal fired and LNGCC plants, hourly charge and discharge power of BESSs, and PV curtailment. Results show this surcharge is effective to change fuel and decrease CO2 emission, and BESSs moderate this fuel change but decrease PV curtailment and CO2 emission. The energy chain including whole power system, demand and fuel is analyzed to see the power flow and CO2 emission. It is also discussed to apply this surcharge to every fossil fuel usage in order to realize the almost CO2 free society with a reasonable cost increase.



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