Attempt to apply Integrated Information Theory to family system : Focus on marital relationship


The purpose of this study is to apply the schema of integrated information theory which explains the stereoscopic phenomena of consciousness to the family system and to examine “what kind of properties the family system with high problem solving abilities possess?”. The integrated information theory assumes that consciousness phenomena are caused by neuron’s differences and interaction. The hypothesis in this study is that “the couple who has the higher score in both difference and communication has higher problem solving abilities and resilience than the other couples”. In study 1, a questionnaire survey was conducted with 111 married couples (average age of 45.04) and in study 2, a questionnaire survey was conducted with 82 college students (average age of 20.14) asking about the relationship between parents. As a result of the analysis, it was shown that there are three differences between the couple: “way of thinking”, “preference” and “ability”. Although the hypothesis of this study was not supported, it was suggested that the couple’s “way of thinking” and “preference” are small and the couple communicates has a positive relationship with problem solving abilities and family resilience. We will discuss the way to catch the difference and advance our study.



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