Application potential of Ionic Polymer Actuators in structural control system

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  • イオン導電性高分子アクチュエータの制振システムへの応用可能性の検証


<p>This paper presents the application possibility of ionic polymer actuators to vibration control systems. Recently, polymer materials have gotten considerable attention due to their compactness and flexibility as soft actuators. They are also known as artificial muscle and they attract the communities of medicine as well as robotics because soft actuators can behave naturally like human beings. Especially, soft actuators have potential of taking over existing actuators in regard to flexibility, high power density, and compact energy source. Among various types of soft actuators, ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC), which can be activated under the low voltage condition, is used in this study. The feature of IPMC is that it bends when voltage is applied, while it can generate voltage when it is bended by an external force. The objective of this study is to explore the potential of the IPMC as a smart vibration control device. In this study, we assume relatively small structures such as precision instruments or cultural assets as target objects whose response vibration should be controlled. A characteristic test for the specimen of the IPMC is conducted and the transfer function of the IPMC is developed. A vibration control system for a single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) model subject to seismic loadings using the IPMC controlled by the LQG (Linear-quadratic-Gaussian) controller is designed. Through numerical simulation studies, the possibility of the IPMC in the vibration control field is shown.</p>


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