Improvement of Suspended Ceiling Collapse Simulation and Numerical Investigation on Earthquake-Resistant Measures

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  • 吊り天井脱落解析技術の高精度化および天井耐震化に関する数値解析的検討


<p>In this study, the effectiveness of earthquake-resistant measures for suspended ceilings was examined through several finite element analyses of earthquake-resistant ceilings and three-types of partially earthquake-resisting ceilings (installation of 1. braces, 2. clearance beside walls, 3. reinforced clips). For the numerical analysis, the Adaptively Shifted Integration (ASI) – Gauss code was applied. Furthermore, the ceiling collapse simulation was improved by introducing the eccentricity of hangers to the numerical model of suspended ceilings. In the case of partially earthquake-resisting ceilings with braces installed, it was confirmed that the ceilings collapsed at the larger parts due to the differences of stiffness in the suspended ceilings than in the case of non-resistant ceilings.</p>


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