A letter from Japan

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  • 日本からの手紙
  • ―A travelogue by a Native Hawaiian visitor to Japan in the late nineteenth century―
  • ―ハワイ先住民が綴った19世紀末の日本―


<p> As part of a larger, ongoing study on Hawaiian language newspapers, this report describes a travelogue written by David Keaweamahi, a Native Hawaiian who visited Japan in the late nineteenth century. Keaweamahi’s travelogue was published in Hawaiian language newspapers as a series of articles under the headline, “He Leta Mai Iapana Mai” (A Letter from Japan). A preliminary analysis of these articles has revealed interesting aspects of the flow of people from Hawai‘i to Japan in the late nineteenth century, which has been much less researched than immigration from Japan to Hawai‘i in the same period.</p>



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