A study on the growth process of Chopper in table tennis

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  • 卓球競技の女子カット主戦型選手の成長プロセスについて
  • 卓球競技の女子カット主戦型選手の成長プロセスについて : 世界トップレベルの選手を対象に
  • タッキュウ キョウギ ノ ジョシ カット シュセンガタ センシュ ノ セイチョウ プロセス ニ ツイテ : セカイ トップレベル ノ センシュ オ タイショウ ニ
  • -Targeting the world top level players -
  • ―世界トップレベルの選手を対象に―

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<p> This study conducted interviews on two world top level women choppers in table tennis, and by asking them when and why they started playing table tennis and changed their play styles to choppers, and how, afterwards, reached to the top level of the world, it aimed to reveal the factors of the growth process required to become top players.</p> <p> From the talks of two players, following points are considered to be important in the process to become the world-level choppers. Even if the start age is slightly late in the table tennis, there is a possibility of reaching the top level, being interested in chop plays, it is easier to success if choppers take measures to their opponents because measures are not easy to be taken in younger ages, physical training are effective to obtain the maintaining prerequisite physical conditions to acquire new sense of movement and interest, and practicing with stronger players than their own.</p>


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