Flourishing of Views of Life: Phases after Kitamura Tokoku

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  • 人生観の群生
  • 人生観の群生 : 北村透谷以後
  • ジンセイカン ノ グンセイ : キタムラ トウコク イゴ
  • ――北村透谷以後――

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<p>Throughout his literary career, from his early enthusiasm for Nietzsche under the influence of Takayama Chogyū, through his involvement in the naturalist school, Kitamura Tōkoku kept his personal interest in the problems of life, and of having a view of life. This trend established by Tōkoku gave rise to literary studies concerned with delving into a writer's personal view of life. The efforts of Tōkoku and his fellow naturalists have tended to be viewed negatively, as an escape from society. But when we focus on this question of “views of life,” we can see that the literature of the time also worked to promote dialogue and negotiations among various powers within society.</p>


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