Viscoelastic and viscoplastic deformation behavior of polyamide and its short fiber-reinforced composite and prediction

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  • ポリアミドとその短繊維複合材料の粘弾・塑性変形挙動とその予測


<p>Creep and creep recovery behaviors of a thermoplastic resin have been examined for different load histories in order to establish a model for the inelastic behavior of its short fiber reinforced composites. Creep recovery tests are carried out for different creep stresses and creep times, respectively. The creep recovery test results for the resin show that recovery strain tends to increase with increasing prior creep stress as well as with increasing prior creep time. The creep and creep recovery behaviors are assumed to be a superposition of viscoelastic and viscoplastic behaviors, and they are described by means of the Schapery models and Bailey-Norton law. The predictions uisng these models are found to be in good agreement with the experimental results observed not only for a single loading-unloading history but also for a cyclic loading-unloading history.</p>


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