Sterilization of <I>Pythium aphanidermatum</I> Zoospores Using Surface Discharge Plasma in Solution

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  • 沿面放電液中プラズマによる<I>Pythium aphanidermatum</I>遊走子の殺菌
  • 沿面放電液中プラズマによるPythium aphanidermatum遊走子の殺菌
  • エンメン ホウデンエキ チュウ プラズマ ニ ヨル Pythium aphanidermatumユウソウコ ノ サッキン

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<p>The mechanism using which the process of non-equilibrium plasma irradiation sterilizes the suspension of Pythium aphanidermatum zoospores was investigated herein. The germination of the zoospores suspended in 50-mL distilled water was greatly suppressed following 10 min of plasma irradiation. However, the germination inhibitory effect was insufficient for practical application. The sterilization effect was compared with those of other physicochemical changes that accompany plasma irradiation such as gas spray, plasma emission, temperature, and H2O2 concentration. The concentration range of H2O2 generated during plasma irradiation suppressed the zoospore germination; however, the effect was lower than that of the plasma irradiation. These results suggest that reactive species such as OH radicals generated using plasma irradiation contribute to the observed sterilization.</p>


  • Shokubutsu Kankyo Kogaku

    Shokubutsu Kankyo Kogaku 32 (2), 115-121, 2020

    Japanese Society of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Engineers and Scientists


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