Inelasticity Correction for Liquid and Amorphous Samples Containing Large Amount of Hydrogen Atoms

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  • 水素を多量に含む液体・非晶質物質の非弾性散乱補正
  • サイエンス記事 水素を多量に含む液体・非晶質物質の非弾性散乱補正
  • サイエンス キジ スイソ オ タリョウ ニ フクム エキタイ ・ ヒショウ シチモツシツ ノ ヒダンセイ サンラン ホセイ

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<p>The present status of the inelasticity correction for liquid and amorphous samples is provided. Although numerous theoretical approaches have been reported, inelasticity correction which can generally be applied to any sample containing large amount of hydrogen atoms has not yet been proposed. We introduce some experimental methods to estimate inelasticity correction curve which can effectively be applied for time-of-flight neutron diffraction experiments.</p>


  • hamon

    hamon 29 (2), 82-85, 2019-05-10

    The Japanese Society for Neutron Science


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