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Collecting Chinese Know-How Question Answering Examples and Application of Neural Machine Comprehension Model


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  • 中国語ノウハウ質問応答事例の収集およびニューラル読解モデルの適用


<p>In the recent research, the state-of-the-art technique has achieved much gain in the field of question answering, and the result is comparable to the human-being’s. On the contrary, there are limited research focusing on the field of non-factoid question answering. This thesis studies how to develop a dataset for training Chinese tip question answering models. In this thesis, then the Chinese tip questions and answers dataset is used to train one of the state-of-the-art machine comprehension models. This thesis also compares the trained tip question answering model to a Chinese factoid question answering model which is trained with a Chinese factoid questions and answers dataset. Evaluation result shows that the model trained with the mixture of tip and factoid question and answers datasets achieve the best performance.</p>


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