Current Status of alpha emitters useful for targeted radionuclide therapy

  • Washiyama Kohshin
    Advanced Clinical Research Center, Fukushima Global Medical Science Center, Fukushima Medical University

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  • 標的アイソトープ治療(TRT)に有用なアルファ放射体の現状
  • ヒョウテキ アイソトープ チリョウ(TRT)ニ ユウヨウ ナ アルファ ホウシャタイ ノ ゲンジョウ

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Radionuclide therapy is one of the fields of nuclear medicine and it uses a tumor-specific antibody or peptide that labeled with charged-particle(α particle, βparticle, Auger electron) emitted radionuclide for treatment of tumors. Among those radiations, α particle has been paid attention to clinical application owing to its short path length in tissue and high liner-energy-transfer (LET). There are several promising alpha-emitting radionuclides such as 211At, 212Bi, 212Pb, 223Ra, 227Th, 213Bi and 225Ac. Among them, 225Ac labeled peptide, 225Ac-PSMA-617 has shown the most encouraging outcomes including complete remission of metastasized prostate cancer of patients. However, in order to understand the therapeutic effect of the 225Ac which acts as an in vivo generator and applies to the other cancer treatment, we need to know the physical and chemical properties of the parent and its daughter nuclides to control in vivo.


  • Drug Delivery System

    Drug Delivery System 35 (2), 102-113, 2020-03-25



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