Soho Tokutomi and His Way of Promoting Literature

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  • 徳富蘇峰の文学振興
  • トクトミソホウ ノ ブンガク シンコウ

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<p>In 1887 Soho Tokutomi started his magazine Kokumin-no-tomo in which he wrote a series of literary essays and offered many writers an opportunity to publish their works. In the course of such literary contribution, Tokutomi came to be called the “patron of literature” or the “advocator of enlightenment.” But his real aim was to challenge the popularity of political novels which seemed to him very heretical. It may endorse his reputation as a self-interested writer, but it is also true that no one was more eagerly engaged in the promotion of literature at that time than he. Thus his effort can't be adequately grasped merely in light of utilitarianism.</p>


  • Japanese Literature

    Japanese Literature 64 (6), 27-38, 2015-06-10

    Japanese Literature Association

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