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Chemical hazard perception and post-evacuation behavior following a major earthquake: A case of electrical engineering and chemistry students

DOI IR Open Access
  • Koshiba Yusuke
    Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University
  • Chiba Keiji
    College of Engineering Science, Yokohama National University
  • Nakayama Jo
    Division for Environment, Health and Safety, The University of Tokyo

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<p>It is unsafe to immediately return to an evacuated science or engineering building that stores and handles chemicals after a major earthquake. A questionnaire-based survey was conducted targeting students at a national university in Japan to explore chemical hazard perception and post-evacuation behavior of non-chemistry background students following a major earthquake. The survey incorporated 11 situational questions, and the participants rated the extent to which they were likely to return to their building after a major earthquake in each situation. The results indicated that the students were likely to return if they had evacuated without their personal belongings, and majority of the students did not recognize the risks associated with chemical hazards.</p>


  • Journal of Environment and Safety

    Journal of Environment and Safety 11 (2), 37-40, 2020-08-10

    Academic Consociation of Environmental Safety and Waste Management, Japan

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