Internal Communication Process Model of Growing Venture Companies, Which Increases Employees’ Satisfaction

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  • 成長ベンチャー企業の従業員満足度を高めるインターナルコミュニケーションプロセスモデル
  • 成長ベンチャー企業の従業員満足度を高めるインターナルコミュニケーションプロセスモデル : グラウンデッドセオリーアプローチによる探索的研究
  • セイチョウ ベンチャー キギョウ ノ ジュウギョウイン マンゾクド オ タカメル インターナル コミュニケーション プロセスモデル : グラウンデッドセオリーアプローチ ニ ヨル タンサクテキ ケンキュウ
  • -Exploratory Research based on Grounded Theory Approach-
  • ―グラウンデッドセオリーアプローチによる探索的研究―

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<p>Internal communication is a strategic management theme in the course of a company growth and an organizational development. Intrinsically, internal communication should be considered as a process. However, there have been a limited number of studies to explore the internal communication process. In order to explore and identify the relationship between a venture-growth and internal communication process, the author investigated 10 cases of small, medium and large sized venture companies, which employee numbers are from 10 to 650. Unfortunately, the process model was not saturated. Then, the author investigated 2 fast-growing and bigger-sized venture companies, which have increased the number of employees by over 2 times in the past 5 years up to approximately 3,000. The researches were conducted by interviews and surveys of top/middle/front employees in order to identify communication intentions and actions of presidents and middle managers, as well as reactions and responses of employees against such actions. Using Grounded Theory Approach (GTA), the data was analyzed and the internal communication process model was identified. The model consists of concepts, categories and process map of internal communication process. It presents various internal communications propagated in the organization, initiated by the presidents’ communication intention (originating category) and resulted in the employee’s satisfaction (terminating category). With limitations, the author showed practical usefulness of the model for growing venture companies and the future research area for further improvement. Utilizing the process model, the presidents and the managements may check the employees’ satisfaction level of the internal communication in their organization and consider the communication strategy to enhance the satisfaction for successful organizational development.</p>


  • Venture Review

    Venture Review 25 (0), 15-30, 2015-03-15


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