Relationship Between the Driving Performance of Older Drivers at Stop-Controlled Intersections in a Driving School and in Real Traffic

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  • 高齢ドライバーの一時停止交差点での運転パフォーマンス
  • 高齢ドライバーの一時停止交差点での運転パフォーマンス : 教習所コースと一般道路での関連
  • コウレイ ドライバー ノ イチジ テイシ コウサテン デ ノ ウンテン パフォーマンス : キョウシュウジョ コース ト イッパン ドウロ デ ノ カンレン
  • -教習所コースと一般道路での関連-

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<p>The present study focused on the relationship between the driving performance of older drivers at stop-controlled intersections on a driving school course and on roads in real traffic. Older drivers answered several questionnaires and drove on a driving school course. Their driving performance was evaluated by qualified driving instructors and assessed using a dash cam with cameras. After this assessment, the same type of dash cam was attached on their own private car to enable their driving behavior to be recorded and analyzed in real traffic. There was significant correlation for driving performance for both types of evaluation (the driving instructors’ evaluation and assessment with dash cams) between a driving school course and on roads in real traffic targeting stop-controlled intersections. The conclusion is that evaluation conducted on a driving school course at stop-controlled intersection by driving instructors and with dash cams could reasonably predict the driving performance of older drivers in real traffic.</p>


  • IATSS Review

    IATSS Review 45 (2), 143-153, 2020-10-31

    International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences

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