Compressive Deformation Behavior of Single Crystal Micro Pillar Fabricated in a Grain for Polycrystalline Pure Cu

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  • 多結晶純銅中に作製された単結晶微小角柱の圧縮変形挙動
  • タケッショウ ジュンドウ チュウ ニ サクセイ サレタ タンケッショウ ビショウ カクチュウ ノ アッシュク ヘンケイ キョドウ

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<p>The aim of present study is to investigate the deformation behavior of single crystal Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) micropillars under compressive loading. First, the inverse pole figure map of polycrystalline OFC sample is measured by Electron Back Scatter Diffraction (EBSD) device. Based on the result, four kinds of single crystal micropillars having different crystal orientations are fabricated by using Focused Ion Beam (FIB). Second, the compression tests are performed for micropillars by using in–house micro compression machine. As a result, macroscopic stress–strain curves are measured for single crystal Cu micropillars. In addition, the microscopic deformation behavior such as the initiation and growth of slip in single crystal Cu micropillar is investigated from the SEM image after uniaxial compressive loading. Finally, the relationship between macroscopic deformation behavior and microscopic deformation behavior is discussed based on the present experimental results.</p>


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