Fundamental Study on Locomotion Ability of a Mobile Robot on Steep Slopes

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  • 急斜面移動ロボットの走破性能に関する基礎的検討


<p>The grass cutting work is a great burden for farmers in mountainous area because engaging grass cutting on steep slopes is one of dangerous works owing to unstable postures and precarious footholds. In this paper, the locomotion abilities that are required for mobile robots on steep slope for grass cutting works are discussed to enhance the development of agricultural robots in mountainous area. The grass cutting robots are necessary to work on a slope with an angle up to 80 degrees with steady attitudes. It is difficult for ordinary mobile robots to keep stable attitude on steep slopes due to slipping and falling. We analyzed previous researches on grass cutting robots on steep slopes and its ability of locomotion. We suggested possibility for using multi-copter type mobile robot into grass cutting works.</p>


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