A Story of Engineers’ Effort in the Sunrise Time of Artificial Diamond in Japan

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  • 合成ダイヤモンドの日の出の頃
  • 合成ダイヤモンドの日の出の頃 : 新触媒と新型装置による独自製法の検討
  • ゴウセイ ダイヤモンド ノ ヒノデ ノ コロ : シン ショクバイ ト シンガタ ソウチ ニ ヨル ドクジ セイホウ ノ ケントウ
  • ─新触媒と新型装置による独自製法の検討─

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<p>In 1962, Central Research Laboratory of Tokyo-Shibaura Electric Co. Ltd announced success in synthesizing diamond at HPHT conditions, which was the first announcement in Japan. This triggered preliminary action to develop original process of producing industrial diamond, and a special team was organized composed of members from Central Research Lab. and Toshiba-Tungaloy Co., Ltd. The team had to find new catalysts and to design a new apparatus that are different from those invented by General Electric Co. (GE), US, because GE had obtained several patents covering a wide range of conditions to synthesize diamond throughout in the world including Japan in 1959. A story introduced here is an effort and a way of the team, resulting in discovery of new catalysts and original design of an apparatus, which were basically different from those of GE, and their performance was tuned to be comparable with those of GE. Although their product did not appear in the market as a result, sum of their outputs are sufficiently meaningful in a view point of science and technology in the field, and might keep an interesting position in continuous progress of science and technology of diamond synthesis.</p>


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