The Reconsideration of Paschen's Research on the Heat Radiation in the Latter Half of the 1890's

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  • 1890年代後半におけるパッシェンの熱輻射研究の再考
  • 1890ネンダイ コウハン ニ オケル パッシェン ノ ネツフクシャ ケンキュウ ノ サイコウ

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Friedrich Paschen (1865-1947) was one of the notable experimental physicists in Germany investigating the spectrum of hydrogen atom, especially spectral series, at the beginning of 20th century. As a part of research related to the spectroscopy, he was engaged with the heat radiation problems in the latter half of the 1890's. However his achievement of this area was not regarded as an important experimental work compared to his spectroscopic researches. This paper reconsiders Paschen's experimental research of radiation in late 1890's. In order to approach that topic, we mainly analyze the setup of radiation sources, the assembly of his bolometer and the range of wavelength of radiation and temperature of radiating bodies in his research. In this paper the features of his experiments are reevaluated in the context of development of radiation experiments during that time. It was certain that Paschen used the source of cavity radiation later than Lummer and Pringsheim and made confirmations of the radiation law in the narrower range of wavelength of radiation than other experimentalists in 1899-1900. However he did work out "numerous experimental confirmations " concerning the radiation law and did give any possible support for the establishment of Planck's radiation law until late 1900.


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