Deepening Process of Collaborative Learning —Investigation Using ICAP Framework—

  • Hayashi Yugo
    College of Comprehensive Psychology, Ritsumeikan University

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  • 協同学習における学びの深化プロセス——ICAPフレームワークによる検討——
  • 協同学習における学びの深化プロセス : ICAPフレームワークによる検討
  • キョウドウ ガクシュウ ニ オケル マナビ ノ シンカ プロセス : ICAP フレームワーク ニ ヨル ケントウ

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<p>This paper reviews the literature in cognitive and learning science on collaborative learning focusing on the literature of Chi’s ICAP framework. The paper introduces how the framework has been defined to capture the deepening process of learning in collaborative learning and its implications towards developing learner support systems. This paper also reviews the literature of the authors ongoing work, using ICAP framework to (a) capture leaner’s state and (b)provide effective facilitation prompts to facilitate learning outcomes. This paper discusses how to design tutoring systems, developing education systems and conduct data analysis using ICAP framework to facilitate collaborative learning.</p>


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