UAV とSfM 技術を利用したコンクリート構造物の ひび割れ幅計測の道路橋への適用

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  • Application of Crack Width Measurement of Concrete Structures Using UAV and SfM Technology to Road Bridges
  • UAV ト SfM ギジュツ オ リヨウ シタ コンクリート コウゾウブツ ノ ヒビワレ ハバ ケイソク ノ ドウロキョウ エ ノ テキヨウ



<p>Aging road bridges have become a problem in Japan, and regular inspections are carried out once every five years by proximity visual inspection. However, the shortage of inspection technicians and budget is a problem, and there is a need for inspection technology that is efficient and can perform diagnosis equivalent to proximity visual inspection. In this study, we focused on the image processing technology of the 3D data generation software SfM, generated a 3D model from the crack image of the concrete member taken by UAV, and compared the actual crack width with the crack width obtained from the 3D model. As a result of the verification, it was suggested that by using UAV and SfM, the crack width of 0.2 mm or more can be judged with relatively high accuracy by photographing the area around the actual crack from a short distance.</p>


  • 実験力学

    実験力学 21 (3), 232-239, 2021-10-01




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