The change of perceived intensity for an odor during repetitive sniffing

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  • 連続的に嗅ぐニオイに対して知覚される強度の変化
  • レンゾクテキ ニ カグ ニオイ ニ タイシテ チカク サレル キョウド ノ ヘンカ

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<p>This study investigated how did participants perceived the intensity of the odor when the odor was presented 40 times along with their inhale. The pleasant / unpleasant odor which were suggested by previous study were used and the effect of pleasantness for perceived odor intensity was investigated too. As results, there were no differences of perceived intensity between pleasant and unpleasant odor were presented. Furthermore, based on subjective report, many participants could perceive the odor till the end of presentation.</p>



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