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This paper provides a basic experimental information of stable nitrogen isotopic measurements with MAT-252 mass spectrometer (Finnigan MAT Ltd.) at Dating and Materials Research Center, Nagoya University, and a refining method of N_2 gas from sample gas on vacuum line. The ion output voltage from 28 collector is directly proportional to N_2 gas pressure. In case that ion output voltage from 28 collector of N_2 gas is more than 1.6V, the ratio of [29]/[28] hardly varies according to the output voltage, and the pressure effect on nitrogen isotopic ratios can be disregarded. The 28 ion output voltage of 2.5V (N_2 gas pressure around 38mb) is recommended on normal measurements. Only N_2 gas can be separated and refined from a sample gas by means of molecular sieves on vacuum line for refining CO_2. The δ^<13>C values do not change by collecting N_2.

タンデトロン加速器質量分析計業績報告 Summaries of Researches Using AMS 1997 (平成9)年度



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