Current status of Tandetron II in Nagoya University


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  • 名古屋大学タンデトロン2号機の現状

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TANDETRON II (Model-4130 AMS, HVEE) in Nagoya University is an accelerator mass spectrometer for the ^<14>C dating. Getting over numbers of troubles, the performance test was finished on January 1999. However, because of successive big troubles especially on the high voltage control, we could not put it to practical use. We restarted the measurement from the beginning of November 1999,and the procedure of the routine measurement was established in May 2000. The operation status in 2000 is shown in Table 1. The numbers of targets measured in 2000 were 1610 targets/year and 134 targets/month. In our routine procedure, it takes one week to measure 45 targets (32 samples and 13 standards). Total measurement time was 2233 hours/year and 186 hours/month in that period. The number of measured targets and their items are shown in Fig. 1 and Fig .2. In September 2000,an engineer from HVEE visited us to check TANDETRON II. The main points of the investigation were taking alignment of the low energy part and optimization on background of ^<14>C counting. A test measurement similar to the "Acceptance Test" was performed after all tuning up, and we got enough precision on the ^<14>C/^<12>C as the reproducibility of the machine (Table 2). We should aim to measuring the target by target carefully as possible to fit the condition (age or amount of carbon) of each sample, not increasing the number of measured targets even in the daily routine measurements.



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