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Chronological study for Aota archaeological site using radiocarbon dating(Proceedings of the 19^<th> Symposium on Chronological Studies at the Nagoya University Center for Chronological Research in 2006,Part 2)

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  • 炭素14年代法による新潟県青田遺跡の年代研究(第19回名古屋大学年代測定総合研究センターシンポジウム平成18(2006)年度報告,第2部)

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Many wooden pillars have been excavated from Aota archaeological site, Niigata prefecture, of which period is thought to be final Jomon based on the typological research on excavated pottery. AMS ^<14>C measurement was performed for each decadal layer of tree-ring from two wooden pillar samples, and wiggle-matching method was applied. Obtained radiocarbon age of the pillar in this study was in good agreement with its stratigraphic order, comparing with reported ages of other pillars. However, the results were not always agreeable with reported ^<14>C ages of charred materials adhering to potsherd.



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