Auto-answering to learners' questions in an e-Learning system

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  • e-Learningシステムにおける学習者の質問への自動応答
  • e Learning システム ニ オケル ガクシュウシャ ノ シツモン エ ノ ジドウ オウトウ

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Many LMS (Learning Management System) aim to manage learning through internet, and have a function of portal site mainly. It is difficult for many students to continue learning by such an e-Learning system, because it provides lecture contents only. There is no communication between students and teachers. In order to overcome this difficulty, bulletin board systems can be utilized. In many practical cases, however, teachers can not answer students' questions immediately due to the time limitation. Learner's motivation deteriorates unless they can receive answers from teachers in real time. This paper reports our trials to constitute an e-Learning system which can reply automatically learners' questions.




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