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  • ジョシ ダイガクセイ ノ タイケイ ト ヤセ ガンボウ

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By an unsigned questionnaire, partly including free writing system, body shape and weight and a wish to get thinner in 298 female students was carried out in 2006. Their BMI( body mass index) and an ideal body shape and weight concerns were inquired. The following results were elucidated.1)Self-assessment about body shape and weight was still too fatty in 22.5% of slender group,77.6% of appropriate weight group and all of the fatty group.2)Only 15.8% of students approved their present body shape and weight and 82.9% of students had a pursuit of thinness. 33.5% of slender group and 92.4% of appropriate weight group had a wish to be slender.3)The reasons why they pursue thinness were beauty(34.8%),to have more pretty-looking in slender shape(23.2%), for health(20.2%), to get better-looking( 12.1%) and others.4)63.2% of appropriate weight group and 40% of slender weight group had experienced dieting to pursue thinness: restricting daily meals and not eating between meals,physical exercise, muscle training, walking exercise, running and in a part of them taking drug to lose body weight. Trial of dieting was most frequent in time length of more than one month long, and in frequency of 2-4 times.In conclusion,it is considered of cardinal importance to educate these female students correcting wrong dieting habit and having them recognize and maintain an appropriate body shape and weight .



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