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Perspective of Renewable Energy Policies in Fukushima : Industrial Cluster Policies and Promotion Incentive Policies

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  • 福島県における再生可能エネルギーの関連産業政策と導入推進政策の展望
  • フクシマケン ニ オケル サイセイ カノウ エネルギー ノ カンレン サンギョウ セイサク ト ドウニュウ スイシン セイサク ノ テンボウ

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英文:This article refers renewable energy policies in Fukushima for revival from the Great East Japan Earthquake and nuclear accident. Two policies are deployed in Fukushima, one policy is formation of industrial cluster for renewable energies and another policy is to promote renewable energy. Industrial cluster policies are to invite the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Fukushima floating offshore wind farm demonstration project, human resource development, and so on. In this policy, manufacturers of renewable energy capacities are less, it is necessary to increase manufacturers to enter the industry of renewable energy capacities. Introduced and promoted policies of renewable energy are to establish Fukushima Renewable Energy-sector Net and Fukushima Airport Solar Power Project, subsidy for domestic photovoltaic power generation, and so on. This article examples renewable energy business in Shirakawa area and outlooks Feed-in Tariffs system. Further, this article studies local initiative renewable energy business in Fukushima. Finally, it is importable Fukushima citizen carry on renewable energy business on oneʼs own initiative.


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